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In episode 8 of the Hold Fast Motors Podcast I chat with the talented Alicia Elfving from themotolady.com. I know most of you know who she is and most likely follow her work. Alicia and I had talked for awhile about getting together to do this episode and it finally all came together when both of our schedules jived enough to record it, we sat down together via the internet (as always) the Friday before I left for California on vacation. The talk lasted about an hour and let me tell you it was great, she is one of those people who you could talk to for hours and only think it was a few minutes. She tells us about the birth of the “motolady” website and her plans for the future of the brand. Her passion for motorcycles shines through everything she does, as well as her drive to show that motorcycling is not just a man’s world. The women she showcases ride as hard as most men I know, and usually look better doing it, with that being said listen up and enjoy the show!







Show notes:

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