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HFP021: The Lost Tapes of MotoSota | The Moto Collective | CROIG | Evel Twin Street Tracker

This episode is the first of its kind for the Hold Fast Podcast, first off sorry for the delay on releasing this episode. The file got misplaced on one of my drives and after finally finding it I wasn’t sure I liked the audio either way its here now! This was recorded at the MotoSota Show up at the Norseman Distillery back on October 1st 2016. I got the idea to do a live recording of some interviews right at the show so that we could give people who couldn’t make it a little taste of what it was all about. This is also the first episode with no real intro music or a formal intro, its kind of a rough cut show but I like it.

Guests: Aleks Nedich founder of the Moto Collective | David and Andrew from CROIG | Jeff Castellari with his Evel Twin Street Tracker